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  • 3.5 Lac Avarage Package Offered
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  • 13 Years of Serving

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    The Institute of Management and Planning & Advanced Computer Training was established as the first national institute in Patna, Bihar for Undergraduate and Post-Graduate studies  and Research in Management and Information Technology by the group leaders in 2014 in collaboration with Aryabhatta Knowledge University.

    The institute serves is continually evolving to meet its goals in an ever-changing business environment.

    The vision of the Institute is to emerge as an International Centre of Excellence in all facets of Management and Information Technology Education, rooted in Indian ethos and societal values. We have strong ties to the business community make it an effective mechanism for the promotion of professional management practices in Indian organizations. The basic idea is to attracts the best talent in India towards an unleashed potential called Bihar and to stop migration of students from Bihar and nearby areas - a melting pot of academia, industry and research. The best and brightest young men and women pursue its academic programs.

    The residential experience is a foundation of the IIMC culture, which includes teamwork and the building of lifelong relationships. Students and partners live on or near campus, making social events and shared activities a way of life.

    From our core curriculum of university courses to advanced electives and seminars, our students have exceptional access to a preeminent faculty of thought leaders, all of whom teach in the different program.

    To our students, we offer intellectual depth, abundant resources, and individual attention. To our alumni, we will provide a lifelong connection to excellence. To the world, we have a commitment to ethical and responsible leadership.